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Patent technology to be continue

posted Mar 8, 2021, 3:34 AM by cwwinson Rainy   [ updated Mar 8, 2021, 3:36 AM ]
The following patent applied and some I owned.

 Title    Description  Industry/ Market / User
 Voofly  The floating object may be replacing current used vehicles  marine vehicles/objects
 Pressurizing sailing vehicle Propeller   A new method in sailing make the boat lighter and faster  marine vehicles
 Lipslid   The style in traditional Chinese woman used  Cosmetic
 Walkicycle  The mechanical driving system uses a pedal instead of a chain   Bicycle
  Ladder climbing wheel ( for all surfaces)  Wheel run on most surface  Automobile
 Wizdinnerware   Cups with tea leaves and residues left behind  Dinnerware
 Animated printing technic  Print with animated graphics  swimwear/advertising/printing industries
 Invisible windshield wiper  No more windshield wiper blocking eyes  Automobile
 Smokinglobe  No ashtray any more and stylish smoking  Tobacco