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Aquarobotic technology ltd.

CEO wanted!

posted Feb 25, 2021, 9:35 AM by cwwinson hongkong

Yes! CEO position is available to lead our project success!

Prefered candidate should have the following capabilities :

  • Capable of investing seeding fund to initiate our startup and experience in fund raising with other investors at corresponding stages such as seeding , angels, VC or PE. 
  • Capable and experience making deals and doing profitable business with hotels as our main customers.
  • Good deal maker and capable to organize and build effective teams to achieve goal.

Project Description

posted Feb 25, 2021, 8:42 AM by cwwinson hongkong

Project Name : Aquarobotic technology Ltd.

Period : 2021 ...

Project Goal: Establish profitable business serving pool owners with robots developed by our company. 


 Model     Conmence stage Description
 Aquarobot Model S1  Spring version 1.  Approval of STEP scheme by HKScience park  Basic Features::
Movement on water surface
Cleaning function : collect small pieces of unwanted objects
Entertainment :  Serving music broadcast on demand. 
Light show at night on demand.
AI services : Serving information to customers with on demand verbal comand such as weather or news reports by playing voice. Request service from hotel services etc.

STEP application

posted Feb 25, 2021, 8:38 AM by cwwinson hongkong   [ updated Feb 25, 2021, 9:15 AM ]

 二零一九至二零二零年度,計劃已 為64間園區公司聘用共70名非本地科研人才前來香港 工作及居住,提供住宿補貼。 • 香港科技園的創新斗室,結合智慧生活和共創住宅的 現代化設計概念,將提供約500個靈活設計的住宿空 間,以可負擔的租金水平租予人才和培育公司的負 責人,親身體驗園區的工作及生活文化,提高協作交 流。作為香港首個採用高層「組裝合成建築法」興建的 項目,創新斗室計劃將於二零二零年年底完成。
 一眾畢業初 創在培育期間共申請或註冊了41項專利,為三年來最 高,期間亦獲頒發共56項國際和本地發明獎項。
自二零一五年成立至二零二零年三月三十一日,14間 科技公司獲香港科技園創投基金投資了7,900萬港元, 並同時吸引了其他投資者共超過12.6億港元的資金,其 中一半共同投資者來自香港以外地方。香港科技園創 投基金的投資組合中有三分之一源自香港以外地方, 包括美國矽谷,英國及台灣,通過我們的投資成功吸 引了海外科技公司落戶香港科學園,從而推動香港創 科發展。 • 香港科技園創投基金的投資組合涵蓋醫療科技、半導 體、物料科技、無人駕駛技術和合成生物學等。

 科技企業家計劃(STEP)深受大學創業團隊及有意投身創 科的年青人歡迎。自二零一九年一月推出以來,已有 超過160個團隊參與。於畢業團隊中,有3間更成功加 入創業培育計劃,繼續科研發展。

STEP application

join this projectTeam

posted Feb 17, 2021, 9:38 PM by cwwinson hongkong   [ updated Feb 24, 2021, 9:25 AM ]

Please fill in your name and email into the box to join, Thanks!

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