Alternative way to PROTECT your product from piracy in china!

Post date: Oct 08, 2020 5:9:20 PM

Protect your product from piracy in china! Only in china!

The Iprotect Mark by

Anti Piracy Stamp ... only for china

Anti Piracy Stamp is a 3d stamp made in cad mesh that let your injection mold have a hidden engraved mark that protects your product from ip infringement. It only work in china by political way rather than legal way.

With this stamp in your injection molding, your product will have a mark that is not noticable for general user, and will be sensitive to ccp that they don't like to see. There is no influence for customers , but you can let prirate goods be confisticated in case you need to take action.

By using this service, your product was protected by another way supprisingly cheap and effective. We will design a mark that you can use in your mold.

If you found piracy and want to take action, there is no need to proceed legal way.

You can just give a phone call to report to authority and you will have the following options:

1. stop the goods from selling in china

2. block the export before the goods leave the port.

3. you may repurchase the produced good and sell outside china. There is no problem!

This is an graphic mark that you can print or engrave on the surface of the mold of your product used in your production.

In case there is a piracy found and you want to react, what you can do is report authorizty a very new way.

They will forbid the pirated goods be delivered or exported.

Even worse, they could shut down the factory or arrest the owner of the factory.

And there is no influence to the goods that is not reported and you can offer to repurchase the goods at very low price.

Why our designed mark will protects your intellectual property? Because china is rule politically rather than rule of law.

If you interested, please contact me for service.