Project Description

Post date: Feb 25, 2021 4:42:22 PM

Project Name : Aquarobotic technology Ltd.

Period : 2021 ...

Project Goal: Establish innovative robotic product to serve our customers in the futuristic ideas

Products: Aquarobots

Up coming version includes

Pool /Pond Cleaning robots


Aquarobot Model S1 Spring version 1.

Conmence stage

Approval of STEP scheme by HKScience park

After enough fund raising round


Basic Features::

Movement on water surface

Cleaning function : collect small pieces of unwanted objects

Entertainment : Serving music broadcast / light show on demand.

Light show at night on demand.

AI services : Serving information to customers with on demand verbal comand such as weather or news reports by playing voice. Request service from hotel services etc.

Solar powered robots that clean automatically and perform light show at night.