New Business Opportunities For Innovative Entrepreneurs

This website is a live show of my new ideas on designs and inventions that is early-stage and new to the market. Entrepreneurs who seek unique and early-stage business or products are welcome to form a venture or assignment with me to explore the wealth creation business.

The products selling on this website is sometimes a prototype or conceptual design. It can be the world's 1st prototype or product that is going in the market.

Be aware that even though you interested in the business, you are not entitled to the ownership of any property rights of the project I work with you. You can claim or state ownership of my invention or patents only you have reach licensing or cooperation agreement with me.

Entrepreneurs big or small are welcome to give me suggestions or advice to seek a beneficial relationship. You can kindly leave a message by sending me an email or get in touch with an instant message.

New projects looking for entrepreneurs to start by licensing my designs or new business venture.

Product preview


A style that is demanded but still blue in the market.

I will keep the feature secret until I got a business owner in the jewelry industry willing to bet because I will only disclose the amazing feature in the production of 1st promotional video after this venture is built or confirmed.

Accessory part helpful for the glasses wearer to wear any sunglasses they like instantly without waiting and more to pay.

This is not a pair of sunglasses but it is a stylish glasses-like thing without glasses. Those who use this will refuse to be identified by recognition surveillance cameras. And celebrities who want attractions. The last group of users will be blind people who dislike sunglasses anymore.

This is a device for smokers of cigars or cigarettes who want more stylish smoking and no more ashtray.


Entrepreneur in the jewelry industry with a brand looking for breakthrough and win over sliding market focus.

Ear ring of spring

Entrepreneur/salesperson in the optical glasses industry with a good network like to cooperate or become our agent/representatives.

Manufacturers interested to take our bulk orders

GlassesClip by inventpreneur.biz

Mass order manufacturers/entrepreneurs who want a sole agent.


Mass order manufacturers/entrepreneurs who want a sole agent.


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