The site owner is an innovator with various designs from Hong Kong. 

The project provide entrepreneurs opportunities to do business and return to investments as share holders. Angle investor may find early stage entry  in start up stage development.

Detail design will not be disclosed without deals are made and will not be openly discussed online, please noted.

Patents owned

Lips stick stamper

A flatten style lipstick product with more innovative design that is creative 

Invisible windshield wiper 

Better than the windshield currently used... waiting for crowd funding campaign 


A new no chain bike drive directly from new designed wheel


This design will make island and more


Animate lantern and other product to display graphic animation 

Compress air Propeller 

This is an innovative propeller using no leaves  and drive vehicle with hull design .

Powered by compressed air only.

Stair climbing wheel 

This genius design fits 5 road types of harse condition including muddy , snowy, rainly, desert, rocky. ... 

Ashtrayfree smoking pipe

This make smokers cleaner and safer. Non smoker friendly product.