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Life styles


Hand Fan

Cool , fragrant

Animal & pet

3billion market and saving 70% for CAT owner

Time pieces

Rescue and life saving


Life saving beach chair 

Rescuing :

Fire fighting :Wild fire

Drone aided tall building fire extingushing system

Services that is unique here

Protective Mark for your mold effectfive only in china 

Face recovery for important



Love cup lid

Cup of attraction

stable cup for vehicles


for love pet and ...


Magic Ball

Rain God

Bell season

Magic Box

Magic wand for real witch

3d printed, and key to door, magic box ....

Time by sungod

A Monuement to commemorate the wind god.

Arts and graphics


Chinese hair pen with color


Animated graphics

A PRINTING SYSTEM that print animated graphics 

Plant Art

Green table Art

Fashion & Beauty


3d print only ornaments

Dark Ring project

Ear ring 

Revolutionary Idea change the game...

Trouser that every Men want

Gamer changer for young and sporty men

Hair Style

Helmet and hats


Tatoo burned by sun shine

Summer cooler


3d print beauty formation body part

Food and Beverage

Kitchen  : Egg seperator



chopstick & add on

Egg breaker 

Stirrer & yolk filter

New coffee style...


Love cup lid

Cup of attraction

stable cup for vehicles


Wheel for wild road conditions

For bikers 

 LED addon to display animated lighting sign to other drivers in the dark to keep safe.

amphibious vehicle

Car accessories

Blind : Angular View blind

Crossing river with no fuel or man power

Seats for Deluxe passengers who want no felling of sea sick



Self sufficient house

Fast 3d print house technology



Robot sea animals

Energy technology

wind turbine

Technology in 3d printing

FDM only products

Ocean Power!

saving 70% fuel 

Invisible technology

Optical invisible !!

An AR system that revive Metaverse or replace Meta

Cancer curing blood resetting 

Health and sport

sport for elderly

Elderly accessories

Pants for elderly

prevent falling hurting

Hospital bed for another kind of patients that breathing issue

Bed shortening the birth delivery time

Home Living

Chair Invention that healthier than ordinary chair