Earn or own new business here with new developed products by us

Sole agent

Taking orders from us, get an exclusive license from creator/ inventor/designer to legally doing business with the product by us.


Designers, researchers, product developers to develop new product for business who interested in new products. By joining developer team group , group project

Acquiring a whole project

For business who intend to acquire the whole project, please send term and conditions for project to fullfill, if there is project meets requirement, we will submit the project.

Reselling partners

If reselling is your profession, you may like to add our new product to your catalogue. you can leave contact by joining us here.

Invest as shareholder

If you want share profit from our projects, you are welcome to be shareholders of our projects. Browse project you interested and negotiate terms to join.

Manufacturers Mass production partnership

By getting license and we will provide you models for mass production, you can join as manufacturer partner through subsription of the following button.

Business managers

Opportunities available for business managers to build and run a business from idea to a growing business

Run and invest your own business

You may run and invest the start up business on your own by licensing exclusive right of the project by acquiring project idea. By sharing profit or get an exclusive license from project owner/creator you can get their help and support to achieve project success.

Earn by Sales and marketing

As a Sole agent

As a Distibutor

As a district or reagional distributor

As a online affiliates

Earn as investors sharing profits as shareholders

Investing and own as shareholders

Invest as fixed income investors

Earn with your professional expertise

Earn by providing business services in administrating the business to achieve business goal.

Earn by providing professional technology and technical skills in product development and business operation