Wind Turbine project

Newly designed wind turbine that improve and new features add to remove drawback of currently used one.

New Wind turbine with new features that improves the current one.

New concept with more power options....

Opportunity offer for green energy company....

Investment opportunities/occupation opportunities/Business opportunities


The innovation

The inventor/designer/ IP owner : The owner is cwwinson, an inventor from Hong Kong own and pending  9 Patents in china and taiwan. 

Competitive Advantages:  This is new design to elimate the drawback of currently used wind turbine and make it more useful and safe one ...

Market : Green energy market is still the current trend . New technology will replace old is the golden rule . 

Vision: More and more wind field owners will deploy and make green energy with this technology.

Occupational opportunities

If you worked in wind turbine industry as engineer or management elite and seek a job shift, this may be your next project.


Stage of development: This project is in Design stage where prototyping and experimenting will be carried out in secret mode and only teams of developers can access the technology and signed NDA will be a obliged requirement.

Funding stage: 

The project is still a startup stage. 

Seeding round investors with strong further funding background is needed and Angels with technical engineering background will be essential.

Amount of funding needed: 5 - 50 MIL for 10% shares up ....

Become share holder of this innovative project ...

Joint venture

The following position or team is who we may search for

Business elites:  Business person with good connection in the industry

Entrepreneurial : Angel investors or Entrepreneur with related project experience .

Management  : Managers who are experience in Project management in similar project.

Technical : Engineering company worked with most project in wind turbine industry