Inventpreneur network for commercializing ideas


This is a personal inventor site of cwwinson from Hong Kong.
This site provides opportunities  for Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Business managers who look for new startup business.

Content of this site includes inventions, designs and ideas by cwwinson that is totally new in market. Patented or not, is up to the development of the project. Whenever an product that is known similar and selling in market will be deleted immediately so no waste of time and money.

I believe secrecy is an important conduct in product development so I will not exchange ideas in public or personal conversation before investment deal is confirmed or intellectual property rights is proceeded in application.

Intelligent creation is not sport, I am not a supporter of invention competition or real life show for inventors. Many ruined their chance in those activities by exposing brilliant ideas that could make millions. A little bit modification may enough to change people's believe in their awful and wrong presentation.

Some weird ideas become surprisingly success in business where professionals cannot explain why. Example, search ridiculous inventions. What if Kentucky chicken formula was known by everyone or investors before they launch their business? Everybody will doubt if people will like it or not. People sure and stand still for those who do a successful work rather than a question proposal.

Therefore this site will only disclose partial information about the idea that is enough for those who have resources and looking for ideas. Inspiration for me is not a way to cooperate, so don't suggest me to exchange idea or get inspired with group discussion. It is quite easy to develop business for those smart guy well with corporate resources.

I don't get involve in doing business in most of the case, delegation to stake holder with entrepreneurial capabilities is preferred and suggested. You will be rewarded shares by taking corresponding ownership and working position. Inventor/Maker in ShenZhen/Hong Kong. Not very open to public and not willing to exchange ideas because after exchange I am afraid my idea become your idea that always disturb me a lot. So working with me , you should not claim the ownership of my idea! Why it is important to claim the ownership of an idea? Try look into how inventors are protected in History. Ideas means business or an ownership of a future assets.

Stay minimal input as the intellectual property rights in China and Hong Kong is awful. Not very often doing hardware making and will organize resources to initiate projects. Since crowdfunding is growing mature, I believe it can be a better time to start thinking to launch more new ideas.