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   This website is a live show of my new ideas on designs and inventions that is early-stage and new to the market. Entrepreneurs who seek unique and early-stage business or products are welcome to form a venture or assignment with me to explore the wealth creation business. 

The products selling on this website is sometimes a prototype or conceptual design. It can be the world's 1st prototype or product that is going in the market.

Be aware that even though you interested in the business, you are not entitled to the ownership of any property rights of the project I work with you.  You can claim or state ownership of my invention or patents only you have reach licensing or cooperation agreement with me.

Entrepreneurs big or small are welcome to give me suggestions or advice to seek a beneficial relationship. You can kindly leave a message by sending me an email or get in touch with an instant message.

Patent technology to be continue

posted Mar 8, 2021, 3:34 AM by cwwinson Rainy   [ updated Mar 8, 2021, 3:36 AM ]

The following patent applied and some I owned.

 Title    Description  Industry/ Market / User
 Voofly  The floating object may be replacing current used vehicles  marine vehicles/objects
 Pressurizing sailing vehicle Propeller   A new method in sailing make the boat lighter and faster  marine vehicles
 Lipslid   The style in traditional Chinese woman used  Cosmetic
 Walkicycle  The mechanical driving system uses a pedal instead of a chain   Bicycle
  Ladder climbing wheel ( for all surfaces)  Wheel run on most surface  Automobile
 Wizdinnerware   Cups with tea leaves and residues left behind  Dinnerware
 Animated printing technic  Print with animated graphics  swimwear/advertising/printing industries
 Invisible windshield wiper  No more windshield wiper blocking eyes  Automobile
 Smokinglobe  No ashtray any more and stylish smoking  Tobacco 

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